Our Global Fellowship Program

For the past four years, IDEO.org has fostered social sector leaders through our Global Fellowship Program. We’ve seen alumni design solutions to the world’s most difficult problems and bring a human-centered take to their subsequent work as country directors for PSI, Creative Directors at social startups, and even a Design Director gig here at IDEO.org. So though we’re closing the Fellowship with the class of 2014-2015, we’re committed to exploring new paths to train up the creative problem solvers of tomorrow. We’re always on the hunt for talented people who are passionate about the social sector, so please check our careers page for inspiring opportunities to do good through design.

  • Collery_john_300x300

    John Collery

    Business Designer

    Most recently completing an Acumen Global Fellowship, John Collery joins IDEO.org with significant global experience, bringing his business background to international developmental.
  • Profile_mark_300x300

    Mark Del Lima

    Interaction Designer, IDEO

    An interaction designer from IDEO, Mark Del Lima draws from a fine arts and film background to bring storytelling acumen and deep empathy to challenges from health to financial inclusion.

  • Hartley_anna_300x300

    Anna Hartley

    Writer, IDEO

    A senior storyteller from IDEO, Anna Hartley brings an expertise in writing and communication strategy, with a passion for stories that can effect change through beautiful, evocative expression.

  • Hope_rebecca- 7

    Rebecca Hope


    Trained as a pediatrician, Rebecca Hope has a strong passion for the rights, livelihoods, and health of vulnerable populations and how we improve access to quality healthcare.
  • Kamkwamba_william_300x300

    William Kamkwamba


    A born inventor, William Kamkwamba brings his skills as an innovative maker to IDEO.org, with an engineering-focused eye on more affordable, accessible product design.

  • Wild_jessie_300x300

    Jessie Wild Sneller

    Business Designer

    Joining us from the Wikimedia Foundation, Jessie Wild Sneller comes with a strong background of international business and social sector expertise.