's 10 Year Impact Report

Celebrating 10 Years of Impact at

This month, we celebrate ten years of In the past decade, we have worked across 45+ countries alongside partners and communities tackling some of the most complex social challenges of our time. As an organization committed to designing a more just and inclusive world, we routinely track our contribution. Have we meaningfully impacted people’s lives? How have we grown? Where are we falling short? What progress are we making towards our mission? And every five years, we etch our height on the wall and share our notes with you. So you can hold us accountable. We’re excited to share our new impact report at, a public measure of the work we’ve done and a celebration of the countless hands that brought this work to life.

A decade at a glance

In our first ten years, we’ve launched 72 solutions that improve people’s lives in big and small ways. From campaigns that helped communities access important information, to innovative services that catalyzed change in communities, the interventions we've co-designed across the glob have reached over 68 million people. While we need to look deeper to understand impact, seeing our designs achieve this scale tells us we’re on the right path. While it’s important to track the reach of each individual campaign, product, or service, we’re more interested in the people behind those numbers.

View the report
to look at some of the communities we have reached over the years.

10 stories of impact

We share ten stories from our first ten years that illustrate the many ways in which design can effect change—from shifting entrenched norms, to building coalitions, to creating small moments 
of hope and ease in a person’s life.

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Reflections on our process

Through partner feedback, self-reflection, and a fair amount of trial and error we’ve learned what it really takes to design for impact. We have been met with both setbacks and successes, and seen instances where everything clicks and when we’ve missed the mark. These essays illuminate the ways in which our learnings have shaped our practice and strengthened our work.

Read four reflections on our process here.

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