Human-centered design sits at the intersection of empathy and creativity

We use human-centered design to create products, services, and experiences that improve the lives of people.

We’re mission-driven designers who are looking to have as much impact as possible in the lives of the people. It starts with getting to know the people we’re designing for. Without them, we wouldn’t know what to design, how it should work, or why it matters. From there we build, test, and iterate until we get it right.

The problems we face are immense, systemic, and complex, but we believe that a design-led approach, the right partnerships, and sustained engagement with a particular problem can create transformative change. Our goal is to see our designs implemented, evolved, and operating at scale. launched as a 501(c)(3) from the global design and innovation firm IDEO in 2011, and like IDEO, we practice human-centered design. In addition to actually making things to improve the lives of people, we're working to get the social sector at large to take a human-centered approach to problem solving too.

Our Tools for Design

Want to learn how to solve problems like a designer? We’ve developed a suite of tools that can help you and your teams unlock your creative problem-solving potential.