Design has always been about impact

Design has always been about impact

The social sector needs a design organization that is willing to do things differently.

At, our goal is to improve lives through design. Which means that we are designing for impact, building partnerships with organizations that know how to bring innovative solutions to life, and continuing to evolve the products, services, and experiences we design even after they're out in the world. Every solution starts small, and at the moment, many of ours are. But we're eternal optimists, and we're tracking our solutions as they continue on their steady trajectory of improved lives, stronger communities, and brighter futures.

We create impact in three ways:


We create new products, services, and experiences.


We empower others to become creative problem solvers.


We tell stories of human-centered design in action.

Impact Stories

Pride of Kabare

From clean water to health care to agricultural services, Asili is delivering exactly what the residents of the Eastern Congo need. What's more, Asili has put human-centered design at the core of how it does business.

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Our Impact

There’s no standard roadmap for how a mission-driven design organization like tracks and understands its impact on the world. So, true to form, we’re designing one. Here’s what we’ve learned so far.