Meet the Divine Divas

Four inspirational characters designed to capture girls’ attention and aspirations

A key to the Diva Centre’s success lies in the Divine Divas themselves. Our team devised a quartet of aspirational characters, each one represents a different type of contraception. Supergirl uses the IUD, Ms. Ambition picks the implant, and condoms are the perfect choice for the Everygirl. By leading with a vision of who girls want to be, not scary side effects (girls commonly hear that condoms give you cancer and the pill makes you infertile), the Divine Divas help teens imagine themselves using contraception, and achieve, their futures.

The Pill for the Perfectionist

Ms Perfection never misses a party, exam, or birthday, and she never forgets to take the Pill every day. And that's good because the Pill needs to be taken at the same time every single day.

The Injection for the Girl on the Go

The Girl on the Go doesn't have time to stop and think about her birth control every day, and that's why the injection works well for her. She only needs to remember it every two-to-three months and then she can get on with her busy schedule.

The Implant for Ms. Ambition

Ms. Ambition has big plans for her future, and at the moment they don't include having children. The implant gives her peace of mind so she can focus on what's really important to her right now.

IUD for the Supergirl

Supergirl's IUD makes her invincible and protected from pregnancy for a super long time. Of course she has the option of having the IUD removed whenever she decides to have superkids.

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