Mavis Cao

Communication Designer, Visual Storytelling

As a Communication Designer at, Mavis crafts narratives that convey the essence of our projects, products, and services to both internal and external audiences through a variety of mediums.

Prior to, Mavis was a journalist before earning her MFA at ArtCenter College of Design. Her experience in journalism shaped her design approach, placing storytelling at its core. As a designer, Mavis is a maximalist -- an avid medium explorer, and a prolific maker. As a journalist, she is a minimalist -- prioritizing the simplest path to make people relate to one another. While these two approaches do not always compliment one another, she takes pride and pleasure in bringing both of these perspectives into her current work.

During Mavis’ free time, she often starts up new hobbies and guiltily chuckles at dark jokes while snuggling her cats.

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