George Joseph

Design Director

George is a Design Director at with over a decade of experience working across sectors ranging from pharmaceuticals to farming. His focus has been on the intersections of design and education, working with teams at the Gates Foundation, St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Panama’s Ministry of Education, and the Government of Singapore to reimagine education systems and design new models of learning. His recent work includes creating an open-sourced toolkit to help teams build better digital products for new internet users.

George brings a wealth of knowledge and inspiration from different cultures and contexts, having lived and worked in six countries. As a communication designer, he uses a keen eye for visuals and his love for storytelling to create things that are purposeful, meaningful, and delightful. He thrives in ambiguity, bringing people together to make ideas tangible and simplify the complex.

Outside of Zoom, you will find George in Kigali (where he lives) entertaining his one wife, two dogs, and three bass guitars.

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