Ezgi Eyigor

Senior Portfolio Coordinator

As a Senior Portfolio Coordinator, Ezgi works on IDEO.org’s US portfolio supporting design and partnerships teams in staying coordinated, creating efficient systems whilst finding moments for levity and joy. She is mesmerized by the beauty of human connections and fully committed to the idea of making others successful by creating open-source documents and templates. Her interest in and commitment to social justice stretches back to her time growing up in Turkey in the midst of the Syrian and Afghan refugee crises. 

Prior to joining IDEO.org, Ezgi worked in the Women's Refugee Commission (WRC) as a Program Assistant in the Migrant Rights and Justice program, sitting at the core intersection of legal, finance, and programming. Her time in WRC and previous work on IDEO.org’s Vaccine Confidence Program has given her a unique expertise in working with people who have refugee, immigrant, and migrant experiences.

Ezgi holds a BA in Psychology and Brain Sciences with minors in Anthropology and in Innovation & Entrepreneurship from Boston University. If she’s not in the ocean/sea till her fingers get pruney, you can find her at a farmers/flea market wandering around, collecting seashells on the beach for hours, or better yet, at the next Rosalia concert.

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