Don Adero

Senior Design Researcher

As a design researcher, Don guides teams explore opportunities to design impactful and sustainable solutions that are tailored to address needs and pain points people experience within context. His experience ranges from designing advocacy programs for civil society organizations, to implementing early childhood development marketing campaigns for caregivers in rural Kenya, and building capacity through workshop trainings for service providers in the adolescent reproductive healthcare space in Ethiopia. 

Prior to, Don led design research and interaction design efforts at a social enterprise startup that protects smallholder farmers from the unpredictable weather patterns in Sub-Saharan Africa through innovative insurance solutions. He also worked at Sokowatch, a startup that has revolutionized access to essential goods and services by connecting informal retailers to a digital economy. During his time at both organizations, he designed a number of solutions—from digital platforms, to informative user insight reports that helped propel business decisions.

Don is a graduate of the Nairobi Design Institute, an institution that provides a multidisciplinary design education aimed at addressing social and economic challenges for Africa. When not at the office, you can find Don reading about psychology and behavior, cycling with semi-elite riders, and helping people find purpose and happiness in life.

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