Claudia Sosa Lazo

Senior Business Design Lead

Claudia was born and raised in Venezuela and has since lived and worked in the United States, Thailand, Myanmar, and Costa Rica. As a Senior Business Design Lead, Claudia blends tangibility with inspiration to help teams create meaningful solutions that scale.

Claudia previously worked as Head of Design and Research at Wave Money, a fast-growing fintech based in Myanmar. Her commitment to implementation stems from a background in product management. She’s worked on solutions at all stages of the product lifecycle while exploring blockchain-enabled land titling at ConsenSys and doing early research on sensors for smallholder farmers at Proximity Designs.

Claudia holds an MBA from Yale School of Management and a BA in Philosophy and Creative Writing from Columbia University. Once upon a time, Claudia co-founded a kombucha startup, and she is still an avid brewer.

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