Agnes Ogallo

Senior Business Designer

Agnes works at the intersection of business and design, helping teams focus on ensuring the solutions developed are feasible, financially sustainable, and make good business sense. She combines her experience in technology, business, and research with creative approaches to support her team in developing solutions with and for the communities they work alongside.

Before, Agnes was at Nairobi Design Institute, an impact design academy, where she developed her human-centered design skills. During her studies, Agnes worked on a diverse set of social impact projects around waste management, adolescent sexual and reproductive health, menstrual health, and sustainable sand harvesting. Agnes also worked at Fintech Kenya, a firm focused on bridging financial inclusion gaps throughout Africa, where she worked on enhancing the user experience of the digital products and training materials being developed for people in Kenya, Rwanda, and Malawi.

When not at work, you can find Agnes curled up with a good book, enjoying a warm cup of herbal tea, or happily basking in the sunshine.

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