Designing a Better World

“The impact of our work with you last fall has been transforming our volunteer experience-and you’ve also helped us to unleash our team’s creativity and capacity for design thinking.”

— Molly Greene Peer Health Exchange VP of Programs, November 2013

About us

As a mission-driven design organization, sits at a pretty unique intersection of the design world and the social sector.


We’re an interdisciplinary mix of designers, storytellers, businesspeople, and systems-makers, a team of creative problem-solvers that is tackling the world’s biggest challenges through design. We partner with NGOs, governments, foundations, and nonprofits, going big in areas where we think design has something serious to say to the challenges of poverty.


Our primary focus areas are bringing financial stability to people in poor and vulnerable communities by getting them into formal financial systems; getting adolescent girls the contraceptive services they need to own their futures; and through our Amplify program, identifying the best on-the-ground changemakers and offering them the support they need to bring their ideas to scale.


Though we practice human-centered design every day, we’re just several dozen people in two offices. To really go big, we want to inspire and teach everyone to practice human-centered design. Imagine the impact of a global movement of creative problem-solvers, an international cast of designers, nonprofits, NGOs, and social entrepreneurs who tackle the world’s biggest problems from the perspective of those who face them every day. So we launched Design Kit, our suite of teaching tools. And now, just a few years on, we’ve had over 400,000 people across the world using them. We’ve designed online courses, a book, and an online platform, all to get everyone solving problems like designers. was born out of the global innovation and design firm IDEO in 2011. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, our mission is to improve the lives of people in poor and vulnerable communities through design.