Digitally Bridging Doctors and Patients

A service connecting displaced women and girls with at-home female doctors through tele-health technology

Sehat Kahani is using telehealth technology and engaging a cadre of out-of-work, home-based female doctors in an effort to improve access to sexual and reproductive health services for displaced women and adolescent girls. For patients without access to technology, Sehat Kahani creates E‑Hubs, where community health workers can refer patients to meet with virtual providers using the technology at the local center, aided by an intermediary. This model cuts down on travel time and allows simple, user-friendly access to high quality medical services during a time of displacement or crisis. Secondarily, it provides meaningful employment for female doctors who are no longer in the workforce due to marriage or other societal pressures, but who are able to work from their homes. They have also established a spoke model whereby patients can use a smartphone, tablet or laptop to connect with providers and collaboratively decide on a medical management plan either themselves or with the help of community health worker.