Health Information at Your Fingertips

A dial-in service making reproductive health information accessible to communities in times of emergency

In Nepal, Viamo runs an on-demand, dial-in information service called 321,” which allows anyone to access information at no cost. People learn about civic services, agricultural support, and other topics via prerecorded voice messages. Through their Amplify program, Marie Stopes International Nepal/Sunaulo Parivar and Viamo are using the existing 321 system to equip Female Community Health volunteers with the tools they need to provide reproductive health information to clients. This job aid enables the volunteers to offer timely, quality sexual and reproductive health information to their clients in times of emergency when they may be cut off from traditional services.

Adoption is made easy when the behavior (i.e., dialing the 321 number) is familiar. FCHVs can access guidance on how to provide counseling even when a natural disaster limits their access to health clinics and providers. The service can also use the collected information (e.g., the nature of the damage, the needs of the community and the needs of the FCHVs) to update humanitarian efforts, deploying resources where they’re most needed.