An App that Equips Health Workers with Information About Menstrual Regulation Services

This menstrual health app helps community health workers get the information they about menstrual regulation services

In fragile circumstances, women have little to no access to reproductive health services. Ipas and Hesperian Health Guides (HHG) are working to create a comprehensive app that gives community health workers the security and confidence to counsel, refer or provide information to women seeking reproductive health and menstrual regulation services in Bangladesh, particularly those living in Rohingya refugee camps near the border with Myanmar. Menstrual regulation—or the induction of uterine bleeding after delayed menstruation—has been included in Bangladesh’s family planning program since 1979. Ipas and HHG hope to develop a resource (available both on and offline) that serves the most marginalized women, and they eventually plan to pilot the application in multiple languages and in other geographic locations.