SMS for Reproductive Health Information

A discreet way to ask sensitive questions about sex within refugee camp settlements

Ask Without Shame created a system to provide mobile, on-demand emergency sex education to youth ages 12–35 through an Android app, WhatsApp, calls, and SMS. Medical experts serve as a trusted, discreet source of sexual and reproductive health information for youth, often answering questions that users are too ashamed to share with anyone else. To date, Ask Without Shame has answered over 80,000 questions from over 50,000 youth across Uganda.

The Social Innovation Academy (SINA) and its offspring OPPORTUNIGEE empower refugee youth to create their own solutions in the Nakivale Refugee Settlement and Bidi Bidi Refugee Camp (currently the biggest camp in the world with 300,000 residents). In collaboration and for the Amplify program, the three organizations are finding new ways to provide support to sexual reproductive health challenges in the camps.