Improving Youth Access to Government Procurement opportunities in Kenya

Empowering young people, women, and persons with disabilities to fully realize the potential of Kenyan government funds available.

In 2013, the Government of Kenya set aside 30% of all government procurement for youth, women, and persons with disabilities, but actually accessing these funds has proved to be a difficult and highly technical process. While many are aware that these funds exist, these groups have yet to fully take advantage of the allotment due to challenges with the process. Socialight Media has built an online portal to help ease the application process, and are now interested in developing a Digital Learning Space to act as an online information hub, helping to educate those looking to build the financial skills and training needed to apply for, and guarantee, their tenders.

There is currently no known training or capacity building being offered to companies who wish to participate in government procurement in Kenya, either free or premium. Socialight Media’s concept will tap into the minds of the leading procurement professionals within the government to provide practical knowledge and advice, allowing anyone with internet access throughout Kenya to apply for and receive the funding set aside by the government. 

Amplify will work with Socialight Media as the organization seeks to solidify their online training and facilitation model to ensure as many young people, women, and persons with disability are able to access the government funding that was intended for them

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