Keeping East Africa’s Dairy Farmers Cool

SimGas’ biogas-powered milk chiller is getting more milk to market

In collaboration with Mueller, SNV, and BoP Innovation Center, SimGas is looking to boost the income of small-scale dairy farmers in East Africa with its innovative biogas-powered milk chiller.

Living off the grid means that the income of small-scale dairy farmers with 2–10 cows is limited since they have no means of preserving raw milk overnight and an additional trip to the milk collection center in the evening is time consuming and potentially unsafe. By only selling morning milk, there is an untapped income potential from evening milk. Simgas’ idea is to create a user-friendly, affordable household milk chiller that runs off-grid, using biogas. The chiller would enable smallholder dairy farmers without access to electricity to store, deliver and sell the highest possible quality of raw milk and increase their income. 

Currently, SimGas is preparing for a demonstration pilot of 14 biogas milk chillers at 14 individual households to gather feedback. In our work with SimGas, we plan to explore aspects of the company’s business and service design including financing models, branding, and marketing.

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