Prepping Kenyan Youth to Find Formal Employment

Equipping young people with market-aligned skills, and connecting them with formal employment opportunities in the technology industry

For many East African youth, full-time, formal employment remains out-of-reach. Samasource Digital Basics addresses the challenges facing this growing demographic by providing an accelerated program that equips unemployed young people with market-aligned skills, and then directly connects them to employers that pay a living wage, including but not limited to their parent company, Samasource. 

Samasource Digital Basics reaches a population that is highly disconnected from formal employment, living in unsafe housing conditions, and struggling with poor nutrition. By providing wrap-around services that ensure that trainees have the resources they need to successfully complete the program and transition to full-time employment, it creates a solid foundation for the next generation to thrive.

As part of the Amplify portfolio, Samasource Digital Basics is aiming to improve their soft skills training component to ensure that their trainees are prepared to succeed in interviews and attain stable employment. Additionally, they will be considering opportunities to scale the training program in the near future