Making Street Vending Viable in Uganda

Providing entrepreneurs an affordable opportunity to start their own business with solar-powered street vending carts.

Kampala, Uganda is currently home to more than 100,000 unlicensed street food vendors working in unsafe conditions and with unstable business prospects. Musana Carts are a new type of street vending cart that is solar powered, equipped with access to electricity and an improved cookstove, and saves three tons of carbon emissions per year.

Along with the cart itself, Musana Cart vendors will be provided with a business license, a three-year insurance plan, and financial literacy and WASH training. This enables Musana Cart vendors to run legal businesses without fear of arrest, and to ensure sustainability through increased education and business fundamentals. Musana Carts is the first for-profit organization to work alongside enforcement agencies to regulate street vendors in Uganda’s capital of Kampala, and among the first to use solar as an economic empowerment tool for informal workers in Africa. They believe that Musana Carts can give informal entrepreneurs across Africa the opportunity to earn better incomes through legitimate channels, which can improve their livelihoods and break the cycle of poverty.

Through the Amplify program, Musana Carts will work to improve prototypes and finalize designs of the carts to bring the most efficient product to the largest amount of workers, while guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

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