The Flood Line

Improving awareness and reducing the risk of disaster in Kibera

Kounkuey Design Initiative (KDI) is an international nonprofit organization that partners with local members in impoverished areas to design, create, and implement solutions to improve the physical, economic, and social quality of life of the community. KDI’s work in Kenya is done closely with the Kibera Public Space Project (KPSP), an organization started by local residents to develop infrastructural and programmatic changes to flood prevention and damage. KDI will work with the Amplify team to co-create, design, and reimagine the waterways in slum communities surrounding Nairobi to build flood resilience.

Part of Kounkuey’s work is to get the pulse of how residents of Kibera understand and react to flood risk. Is flood risk a serious concern? How does it rate against other concerns? And if the worry is significant, what would it take to get actors like the government to put more resources into flood prevention. The team is also looking to understand what kind of physical markers are effective in communicating flood risk. Are signs or landmarks useful for people to understand where floods are likely to occur? Finally, they’re investigating whether maps are a useful tool for residents of Kibera to assess their flood risk and modify their behaviors accordingly.

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