A Global Toolbox to Help Employers Create Accessible Workplaces for Persons with Disabilities

Helping employers to create inclusive workplaces

Humanity & Inclusions (HI) inclusive workplace toolbox will be the first comprehensive resource for low- and middle-income countries that assists employers in creating work spaces, tools and work methods that are accessible for persons with disabilities. The global toolbox is a comprehensive resource to remove barriers for persons with disabilities, facilitating their entry into a desired profession in low-resource settings. The goal is to build the capacity of external non-experts (businesses, MFIs, governments, vocational training centers, entrepreneurs) to develop accommodating workplaces in order to employ persons with disabilities in developing country contexts. The content of the toolbox will allow employers to delve into specific adaptations that have worked in the past, broken down by sample work environments and disability type. By partnering with Amplify’s Design team, HI will define and work to understand their end-users, and develop a system that is accessible and easily sharable in low-resource settings.

Photo: © Till Mayer / Humanity & Inclusion