Developing Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs in Africa

Transforming education in Africa to teach youth to solve poverty for themselves and their communities

Educate! provides skills training in leadership, entrepreneurship, and workforce readiness to students in Uganda and Rwanda, along with mentorship to start their own businesses at school.

Within this century, half of the world’s children will be African, and by 2100, seven billion young people will enroll in secondary school on the continent. While this growth represents an enormous opportunity for economic development, traditional education often does not teach youth the skills necessary to make a living after graduation. Educate! bridges the gap between standard education and workforce preparedness by delivering practical skills directly within existing secondary schools while also working to integrate with national education systems.

For the past seven years, Educate! has seen its model succeed in preparing young people in Uganda and Rwanda for life after school. Educate! reached 240,000 adolescents in 2016 alone. In 2017 and with support from the Amplify program, the Educate! team hopes to adapt its existing model and launch a pilot in Kenya, where the national government is moving towards a model of skills-based education that better prepares youth for the workforce, with an emphasis on entrepreneurship skills. Using feedback to iterate, the goal is to design a program for full launch in 2019 that will intensively impact 16,000 Kenyan secondary school youth and 1.2 million additional youth by 2021.

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