Drones for Good

Bringing together technologists and social innovators to imagine new uses for these “flying helpers"

New drone technology has great potential to address major global health challenges, from disaster response to the speedy delivery of goods to the world’s hardest-to-reach places. With this in mind, set out to explore the potential applications for this burgeoning technology in the world of social good.

Working with funding from the Wasserman Foundation, we charged a team of designers to think big about how drones might serve everyone. As part of this design exploration, we visited Bay Area drone makers, connected with experienced global health organizations, and consulted with experts of social innovation to see if there was a fit or where other unexpected intersections might lie.

We created a new design language for drones, one premised on service and approachability. We asked ourselves what a fleet of flying helpers might do, how they might behave, and which global health problems they might be best suited to solve.

More importantly, we hosted a provocative summit that brought together some of the great minds in technology, global health, and social good. By putting the right people in the room, we’ve been able to form connections and foster new ways of thinking about this increasingly important technology. We’re looking forward to see what takes flight.

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