Durable prosthetics for the developing world

ReMotion Pro is a prosthetic knee specifically designed for young, active amputees in rural areas

A 2011 WHO reports suggests 30 million people in low-income regions require prosthetic and orthotic care, and more than 80% lack access to modern devices.

D‑Rev aims to design a knee specifically tailored to the needs of active, young rural patients: ReMotion Pro. Without a great prosthetic limb, amputees are forced to use inappropriate, low-mobility devices such as crutches or staffs, leaving otherwise healthy persons disempowered and stigmatized. Lower-limb amputees living in rural areas need a prosthetic limb that can handle rugged, uneven terrain; they typically don’t have convenient access to transportation systems and are likely to be engaged in physical labor or agriculture. As a result, low-income amputees in fact require a higher level of functionality from their prosthetic limb. 

D‑Rev will be partnering with Amplify to refine the product, and to bring the HCD methodology more deeply into D‑Rev’s culture.