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The Billion Girls CoLab

Building a Platform for Collaborative Impact to Unlock the Power of Girls Globally

Today there are over one billion adolescent girls in the world.’s Billion Girls CoLab explores new opportunities to design for their futures, by bringing together diverse stakeholders to rapidly explore, build, and test solutions that improve their health and livelihoods. 

Over the past six years, IDEO​.org has partnered with leading organizations to design 24 solutions that leverage human-centered design to promote reproductive health choice. While we’ve made progress in delivering information, improving access, and even shifting social norms, we’ve missed opportunities to co-create solutions that reach the scale and impact we want to see in the world. 

The global health sector has historically worked in ways that promote competition, create silos, hamper innovation, and reinforce outcomes that don’t address girls’ true needs. Our hope is that by activating a community of unlikely collaborators and inviting them to pool research and development, we might tackle challenges in ways that consider girls in their entirety and complexity. 

We’re looking for funders and members to reimagine the way we collaborate and build a radically different future for the next billion girls. 

Interested in becoming a member?

Your team will get hands-on experience in our collaborative innovation process, insights into emerging tech and trends, and opportunities for future growth that you can take forward toward market. For more information email Courtney Chang at courtney@​ideo.​org or Ridhi Arun at ridhi@​ideo.​org. Or sign up for the email list!

What is the CoLab model?

Drawing inspiration from IDEO’s CoLab model used to spark collaborative innovation across the private sector, we will continue to use the design-led approach to drive key activities in the Billion Girls CoLab, as well as invest in ensuring girls’ voices remain at the center of our approach. 

  1. Hard Problems Workshop. Convening experts to surface opportunities for design. Read more here.
  2. One-Day Make-a-thon. Rapidly building prototypes in cross-disciplinary teams. Read more here.
  3. One-Week Design Sprint [upcoming in March 2020]. Building and refining solutions to be pilot-ready in collaborative cohorts.
  4. Live prototype project [upcoming] 3–4 month project to bring a solution to pilot phase, as a collaborative cohort.
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