Global Health

Global Health

Sexual reproductive health solutions for teens, on their terms.

We’re out to redesign reproductive health so that it fits seamlessly into the lives of teens, because when girls take charge of their bodies, they take charge of their futures. The complications of pregnancy are a leading cause of death for adolescent girls across the developing world. And for many more young women, having a child too soon means dropping out of school and continuing an intergenerational cycle of poverty.

Currently, most widely available reproductive health services are targeted at adults—with a focus on marketing contraceptives and reproductive health information to women who are married or have already started families. Though recently there has been an increase on the need to serve girls, few have found successful ways of reaching them. Even where contraception is available, the barriers to access are immense.

As designers, we see these enormous challenges as an opportunity to create services, brands, and businesses that speak directly to teens and support girls in making informed choices about their lives.

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We’re working with the world’s leading reproductive health organizations like Population Services International, Marie Stopes International, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, and DKT International to help teens get access to the information and services they need to make choices about their futures. Partner with us if you’re ready to build new solutions that start with young people and end with real impact.

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