Prepping for Pilot

As Future Fab pilots across five regions of Kenya, check out what we're still trying to learn

Starting in mid-2016, Future Fab gets very very real. Marie Stopes Kenya (MSK) is piloting the teen-centric approach to talking about contraception in five regions across the country. Our design team is working with MSK to build excitement, awareness of the brand, and to drive traffic to MSK’s clinics.

Future Fab is set to pilot in five regions across Kenya in summer 2016.

At, we’re excited to move from a period of heavy design work to stewardship. And we’re learning quite a lot about how we can support MSK as it takes full ownership of a complicated service offering. We’re working arm-in-arm with MSK to help train the staff that is running the pilot, to make sure that everyone understands the brand system and how to use it, and most importantly, to set up systems of feedback so that we can collect data and make refinements over time.

During our prototyping phase we were able to test our hypothesis of Future Fab and through this pilot we'll be able to learn at a broader scale—understanding how we might adapt the program design depending on a new region or context.

Jessa Blades, Program Lead

The Marie Stopes Kenya team is gearing up to deploy Future Fab and start talking to a great variety of teens about ensuring their futures.

We're also looking to see whether Future Fab is a fit for the MSK team that’s set to run it. As we keep a close eye on how to iterate the offering, we’re taking a holistic look at all ends of Future Fab, making sure that the offering is as relevant to our partners as it is to the teens we seek to reach.

“We’re not looking to refine just the girls’ experience,” says Blades. "We'll need to focus too on how we can design for the specific needs of our partners in delivering a new solution."

The Future Fab pilot will run for three months.

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