Seph Lang

Design Lead

A design engineer by training, Seph’s specialty is translating fragmented insights into cohesive and tangible products, environments, and experiences. He approaches design opportunities from a place of learning, where rapid prototyping and user testing lay the foundation for innovative solutions. 

From designing agricultural products alongside farmers in Ethiopia and India to tackling adolescent health inequalities in Nigeria and Zambia, Seph’s passion for social impact design is rooted in the simple belief that a world of equal opportunity will produce a more prosperous global society.
Seph began his design career developing industry-leading products and services for Proctor & Gamble, exploring the future of healthcare delivery for Northwestern Medicine, and building his design thinking chops at IDEO Chicago. 
Seph holds a B.S. in Physics from Loyola University Chicago and an M.S. in Design Engineering from Northwestern University. He spends his weekends exploring the nature of Northern California, building furniture from recycled materials, and contemplating the existence of the universe.

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