Robert C. Pew


Rob is Chairman of the Board of Directors of Steelcase Inc., the largest office furniture manufacturer in the world. The Steelcase mission is to unlock human potential. Steelcase produces office furniture, architectural and technology products for industries such as education, health care, and retail.

These days Rob’s focus is on investing in businesses and non-profits that are working to solve societal problems through design from the bottom up. Rob served for 25 years on the board of The Institute of Design in Chicago (board chair) and today serves on the boards of the Aspen Community Foundation (executive committee), the Steelcase Foundation, and Manaus (president). Manaus, located in Carbondale, CO, is a non-profit that focuses on developing and launching projects that create and facilitate fairness and power for people in our communities.

A long-time resident of the Roaring Fork Valley, Rob embraces the Aspen Idea of healthy mind, body and spirit. When in Colorado, Rob spends as much time as possible skiing, golfing and biking. He also spends time at his home in Asheville, NC where he also enjoys the beautiful outdoor activities. Finally, and most importantly, Rob finds inspiration from traveling the world with his wife, Susan (for the record, he finds both the travel and Susan inspirational).

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