Rika Viragh

Director of Operations

As Director of Operations, Rika ensures routine operational excellence in everything from technology to facilities. She also drives organizational transformation in critical areas like automation, knowledge management, and business intelligence. Rika is passionate about bringing human-centered design to the social sector and spends her time thinking about how to utilize effective systems and processes in order to help make programs run smoothly while also creating impact. 

She previously served as a talent lead and as a coordinator for IDEO.org’s Amplify program, a five-year effort funded by the UK Department for International Development to make international aid more collaborative and human-centered. Prior to joining IDEO.org, Rika worked for a mission-driven, educational farm where she worked to connect marginalized youth to agriculture. She also spent time working to launch a clean water initiative with WaterHealth International in Hyderabad, India. 

Rika holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Colorado College, where she was the captain of the Division 1 women’s soccer team and spent her free time adventuring in the great outdoors.

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