Meagan Durlak

Design Director

As a Design Director, Meagan makes to think. She uses her craft throughout the process as a way to endlessly create experiences and to give back to those she is working with or for. Ultimately, she believes that communication design is, and should be, a boundless tool throughout the design process. When she’s not obsessing over a clever way to share insights, she can be found crafting unique team experiences to inspire her colleagues and/or partners to think differently. She believes that thoughtfulness is as integral to the design process as empathy.

Trained as a communications designer, Meagan veered from the traditional path to explore her creative sensibilities in a range of unique settings, including an innovation center, a museum, and the Canadian government. Prior to, Meagan led multi-disciplinary teams at design shops like Doblin and Veryday. She holds a master’s degree in Transdisciplinary Design from Parsons The New School for Design and a bachelor’s degree from Concordia University.

Meagan adamantly believes that all problems are best solved with a taco in hand. Throw a tent and some mountains around her, and you’re guaranteed to see her at her happiest.

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