Kyle Reis

Senior Director, TechSoup, and Chair, Reis Foundation

Kyle is board chair of the Reis Foundation, a family foundation focused on justice for under-represented communities. He also serves as Senior Director at TechSoup, a nonprofit social enterprise that has connected more than a million civil society organizations around the world to billions worth of technology products and capacity-building services. Previously, Kyle spent twenty-five years at the Ford Foundation, where he held a dozen roles in program, operations, and administration. Kyle introduced social impact design to the foundation and supported at its inception. He also previously served on the advisory committee that conceptualized NGOSource. He is former board chair of the nonprofit evaluation firm, Innovation Network, as well as of the 6,000-member philanthropic association, PEAK Grantmaking (formerly known as Grants Management Network.)

Kyle has a keen interest in cross-pollinating sector practices to make positive change in the world. Over the past decade, he has been part of several efforts to build stronger ties between the design and nonprofit communities, notably Design Vanguard, an community of creative leaders from the business, tech, and social sectors seeking to leverage their resources to leverage design for good. In recent years, Kyle has been working with Native and philanthropic leaders to increase the sector’s understanding of Native-led charitable entities and impact investing opportunities so that more capital can flow to Native communities. He’s also part of an effort to encourage grantmakers to provide grant support for an historic, time-bound opportunity to help rural tribes deploy FCC spectrum licenses to build their communities’ broadband capacity and assert greater spectrum sovereignty over this critical infrastructure.

Kyle holds a bachelor’s degree from Lafayette College and a Master’s from New York University. In his spare time, he provides fundraising and other support to nonprofits throughout the U.S., volunteers at a local nonprofit, the James Rose Center, helped run a successful political campaign with his partner, Sabina Taj, walks, kayaks, and reads with Sabina and their five daughters.

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