Ich Gichuki

Service Design Lead

As a Design Lead, Ich Gichuki creates thoughtful and integrated experiences, services, and spaces that ladder up to greater impact.

Prior to IDEO.org, Ich worked as a Service Designer at Marathon, consulting with companies to think through problems and build solutions that deliver value to customers and employees. He also worked for Trade and Impact, designing trade systems for economic growth and improved livelihoods at TradeMark East Africa, DFID, ICF Africa, USAID and UN-HABITAT in developing countries in East, Central and Southern Africa.

Ich holds certifications in IDEO.org’s Design Kit, Systems Practice by Acumen, and Managing Projects from The George Washington University - School of Business. When he’s not at work, he loves camping out in the wild East African national parks with the big five, discovering new board games with friends and family, and building robots with his kids.

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