Harmonie Coleman

Senior Community Engagement Manager

As Senior Community Engagement Manager at IDEO.org, Harmonie collaborates closely with design teams, partners, and local community members to advance equitable practices in design research and co-design methods across the organization. Leading with joy, she specializes in designing transformative experiences, healing-centered facilitation, participatory design methods, and recruiting community members with lived experience.  Most recently, she managed an innovative co-design program aimed at limiting the child welfare system’s harm by co-creating solutions with lived experts — families and youth.

Harmonie thrives in community, finding purpose and excitement in building relationships, fostering culture, and bridging the gap between seemingly divergent ideas, movements, and institutions. She believes joy and justice are interdependent and regularly employs music, art, and humor to center individual and collective wellbeing while dismantling oppressive systems. 

Her past experiences as a teacher and community organizer both deepen her expertise and ground her current work and interests. Because of Harmonie’s work in the classroom, she is adept at “backward design,” always keeping a program’s theory of change and target goals top of mind. Both forward-focused and day-to-day oriented, she regularly holds a large volume of communication and tasks to keep teams organized and on track to achieve their vision. She also continues to be an ardent advocate for Ethnic Studies education and equity in mental health treatment and access for youth. In her free time, you can find Harmonie curating the perfect playlist, frolicking in nature, or reading the latest N.K. Jemisin novel.

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