Hanna Pincus

Business Operations Lead

As a Business Operations Lead, Hanna ensures that IDEO.org's portfolio of technologies, internal systems, and tools are being used effectively to produce timely and quality data. She drives behavior change around internal systems adoption and usage, assists with external reporting for IDEO.org's stakeholders, and supports program teams in their day-to-day operations, all while protecting and building IDEO.org's creative culture.

Before joining IDEO.org, Hanna was the Corporate and Administrative Coordinator at Nordic International Support Foundation, a nonprofit based in Norway dedicated to supporting the state-building and reconciliation processes necessary to stabilize fragile political environments. She has also worked in diplomacy at the Royal Norwegian Embassy to the United States, has a breadth of experience in management and coordination within the cultural sphere (in particular music and film festivals), and has been freelancing within journalism and videography.

Hanna holds a bachelor’s degree in Development Human Geography and Russian Studies from the University of Oslo, and a Joint Erasmus Mundus masters degree from the University of Amsterdam and the University of Aarhus in Journalism, Media and Globalization. In 2013, she was also a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. When Hanna is not at work, you are likely to find her goofing around the city on her bike, at a rooftop documentary viewing or at a concert, preferably watching her favorite band of all time, Motorpsycho.

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