Edwin Mwai

Product Design Lead

Edwin Mwai is a Design Lead based in the Nairobi studio. He focuses on integrating his innovation and illustrative skills to further the impact of the design solutions that the team implements. Firmly believes that the fusion of core art and design principles woven together with a user-centric mindset, can create a basis for increasingly groundbreaking design.

Before joining IDEO.org, he worked at Brand2D, a marketing and branding agency as a product designer. He was involved in the innovation and strategy assisting clients in diversifying their approach towards product and service diversification. He also led the conceptualization of the branding and strategy for a nationwide youth movement, JIACTIVATE. A movement that sought to reinvigoratethe youths role in shaping Kenya’s future through active involvement in the policy making landscape. Edwin also interned with Design by touch, a toy design consultancy, where he actively worked on future concepts for clients such as Lego and Hasbro. As an independent contractor, Edwin has worked with Sandstorm Kenya. where he aided the product design development of a new brand and kickstarter product launch.

Edwin attended Coventry University, where he received a Master of Design in Product Design.

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