Amanda Schwartz

Senior Program Manager

As a Senior Program Manager for Women + Money on the Prosperity Practice, Amanda works at the intersection of forging great partnerships for research and prototyping, building robust and consistent programmatic operations across studios, and setting the stage for great design to happen. You might find her taking a deep dive into how digital financial services work in India, figuring out how the design team will get from A to B in Pakistan, or on the phone with a financial institution in Bangladesh discussing how we might work together.

Prior to joining, Amanda was a Program Officer at WAKE, a non-profit dedicated to building women’s rights + social justice organizations’ tech + communications chops. Before that, she co-founded a non-profit in the Democratic Republic of Congo called The Ring Project, an organization that repurposes donated diamond rings into scholarships for women pursuing law and medical school in the eastern DRC.

Amanda holds a BA in Politics (and an unofficial minor in studying abroad) from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and an MSc in International Development (and an unofficial minor in staying sane while living above a nightclub) from the London School of Economics. If she’s not at work, it is highly likely that she is currently eating ice cream, on the face of a multi-pitch trad climb, or making coffee on her houseboat.

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