Innovation Fund 2012-13

We kicked off the Innovation Fund by asking a select network of partners to nominate organizations looking to change the way the world addresses poverty. From that list of impressive nominations, we selected four Innovation Fund finalists.

As part of a two-week deep dive with each finalist, provided pro bono services that helped each organization better understand their most significant design challenges. then selected two of the Innovation Fund finalists to partner with for longer eight-week engagements. The Innovation Fund was made possible by generous funding from the Wasserman Foundation

Here's a bit more information on each of our Innovation Fund finalists:

Juhudi Kilimo provides direct assets to smallholder farmers. Instead of giving farmers financial loans, they provide farmers with tools, high-yield cows, and other assets that make the farm more productive. helped Juhudi Kilimo address the following design question: How might we provide technical information to farmers to help then maximize their investments in a way that is scalable and efficient? Download the Juhudi Kilimo deliverable. [NOTE: This finalist was selected for a full eight-week engagement. Full project details can be found here.]

Year Up Bay Area helps underserved urban youth enter the job market. They provide a year-long internship program split between six months of in-depth training and six months of on-site work at employers, generally Fortune 500 companies. helped Year Up explore potential opportunities for scaling their model.

Sanergy sets up Fresh Life toilet franchises in informal settlements in Nairobi that provide customers with needed sanitation solutions. helped Sanergy answer the following question: How might we increase the use of Fresh Life latrines by residents of Nairobi? Download the Sanergy deliverable here

World Health Partners (WHP) brings healthcare expertise to the rural developing world. They use telemedicine to partner with local, often unofficial, healthcare providers to increase their effectiveness with patients. worked with WHP to explore opportunities for building better infrastructure delivering healthcare services to rural Indians. [NOTE: This finalist was selected for a full eight-week engagement. Full project details can be found here.]

Curious to learn more? Read some of the Innovation Fund project stories to the left or download the Juhudi Kilimo and Sanergy project deliverables.