We are grateful to have the support and the smarts of these amazing individuals to guide us.
Board of Advisors
  • Mariana Amatullo

    Vice President & Co-founder, Designmatters at Art Center College of Design

  • Neal Baer

    Executive Producer, NBC

  • Anne Marie Burgoyne

    Head, Social Innovation Initiative at Emerson Collective

  • Wendy Clark

    SVP, Integrated Marketing & Communications Capabilities, The Coca-Cola Company

  • Chris A. Eyre

    Managing Director, Legacy Venture

  • Chris Flink

    Partner, IDEO

  • Joi Ito

    Chairman of the Board, Creative Commons

  • David Kelley

    Chairman & Founder, IDEO; Founder, Stanford d.school

  • Michelle Kydd Lee

    Executive Director of CAA Foundation, CAA

  • Haven D. Ley

    Senior Program Officer for Agricultural Development, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

  • Niki Manby

    Head of Corporate Strategy, Visa

  • Michael Maness

    Vice President, Journalism and Media Innovation, John S. and James L. Knight Foundation

  • Hilary Old

    Vice President of Communications, Eileen Fisher

  • Rica Orszag

    Executive Director, Wasserman Foundation

  • Simon Phipps

    CFO, West

  • Owen Rogers

    Partner, IDEO

  • Anand Shah

    CEO, Piramal Foundation

  • Doug Solomon

    IDEO Fellow

  • Debbe Stern

    President, Stern & Associates

  • Ireena Vittal

    Expert, India and Emerging Markets

  • Jeff Walker

    Chairman, Millennium Promise

Board of Directors
  • Stuart

    Stuart Davidson

    Board Chair, IDEO.org; Managing Partner, Labrador Ventures

    “I’m convinced that design is an extremely powerful tool that has been largely under-leveraged in our work with the social sector.”

    Prior to joining the early stage, technology-focused venture capital fund, Labrador Ventures, Stuart founded and served as CEO of Combion, Inc., which was later acquired by Incyte. He was also president of Alkermes, Inc., and worked for MCI Communications and Warner Communications. We all have Stuart to thank for things like electronic messaging, data networking and interactive cable TV (thank you, Stuart). He serves on the boards of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, Acumen Fund, and REDF; and is a trustee of the Woodcock Foundation. Stuart is a graduate of Harvard University and Harvard Business School.
  • Tim

    Tim Brown


    “I want to see new ideas implemented in the world that are having a measurable effect on the world’s poorest and underserved communities.”

    Tim is a leading voice on the value of design thinking in business and society. His ideas and experience are widely sought in industry, academia, and the nonprofit community; and he’s a regular participant in the World Economic Forum at Davos. Tim is a board member of the Mayo Innovation Advisory Council and the Advisory Council of Acumen Fund, a not-for-profit global venture fund focused on improving the lives of the poor. Tim has a special interest in the convergence of technology and the arts, as well as the ways in which design can be used to promote the well being of people living in emerging economies. In fact, the first seeds for IDEO.org were planted by Tim after a life-changing trip to India. And he has nurtured their growth ever since. Tim joined IDEO in 1987 after earning his MA in design from the Royal College of Art in London.
  • Boardphotos_debradunn3

    Debra Dunn

    Faculty, Stanford d.school

    “By tackling problems directly using design thinking, and by equipping a global community of social innovators with knowledge and examples of human-centered design, I believe IDEO.org will have catalytic impact.”

    As a faculty member at the Stanford d.school, Debra is spearheading classroom and project work in Design for Sustainable Abundance, a radically human-centered approach to sustainability. In 2013 she co-founded the FEED Collaborative (Food, Entrepreneurship, Education, and Design) at Stanford, a design-thinking based initiative focused on food-system transformation. As a founding board member of B Lab she is working to build a new business sector of companies committed to meeting rigorous standards of social and environmental performance. She is a champion and proponent of social entrepreneurs as a board member of the Skoll Foundation and an advisor to the African Leadership Academy and numerous social entrepreneurs around the world. Previously, Debra worked as a business executive at Hewlett Packard where her career spanned diverse roles including Sr. VP Corporate Affairs and Global Citizenship, VP Strategy and Corporate Operations, and others. She holds a bachelor's degree in comparative economics from Brown University and a master's degree in business administration from Harvard. 

  • Fred

    Fred Dust

    Partner, IDEO

    “We need as many new models for change as possible, and I believe IDEO.org can relentlessly innovate models and methods for maximum impact.”

    Fred leads IDEO’s Systems at Scale, the group responsible for helping clients with large, systemic questions about infrastructure, from governmental shifts to behavioral change and beyond. During his tenure with IDEO, he has helped guide the realization of a future-focused education center at Stanford University, worked with patients and staff to build innovative service models for the Mayo Clinic and Kaiser Permanente, and worked with the Social Security Administration to define 21st century government services. He holds numerous guest professor positions and has been published in various journals and several IDEO books, so it’s nearly impossible to escape his insightful and entertaining musings on design. And really, why would you want to? Fred holds a BA in art history from Reed College and a master’s in architecture from the School of Environmental Design at UC Berkeley.

  • Boardphotos_whitney2

    Whitney Mortimer

    Partner, IDEO

    “The practice of human-centered design is creating better outcomes in the social innovation sector.”

    Whitney Mortimer is a partner at IDEO and has led the company’s marketing efforts since 1997. In that time, she has helped shape IDEO’s position as a thought leader in innovation and design in a rapidly changing global marketplace. Prior to joining IDEO, Whitney was senior vice president at Supercuts Inc., where she led brand strategy and research, marketing, and new business development functions. Whitney has held various positions in brand management and strategy with E. & J. Gallo Winery, Frito-Lay, and American Express. She has taught courses in industry and competitive strategy and led seminars in service management for senior managers. Whitney earned an MBA with high honors from Harvard Business School and a BA in Russian civilization and French studies from Smith College.

  • Jacqueline

    Jacqueline Novogratz

    Founder and CEO, Acumen Fund

    “This is the chance to blend design thinking with patient capital investing, and to bring a deeper understanding of how low-income people make decisions so that we can end poverty.”

    Jacqueline was recently named one of The Daily Beast’s 25 Smartest People of the Decade, which is almost all we need to know about her. But there’s also this: At Acumen, she’s responsible for the vision behind the organization’s unique approach to using philanthropic capital to invest in scalable businesses that serve the poor with life-changing goods and services. Under her leadership, Acumen Fund has invested $61 million in over 58 companies across 5 countries, creating more than 35,000 jobs, and providing tens of millions of affordable products and services to previously underserved markets. And there’s this: prior to Acumen Fund, Jacqueline founded and directed The Philanthropy Workshop and The Next Generation Leadership Program at the Rockefeller Foundation. And this: Jacqueline has an MBA from Stanford University and a BA in Economics/International Relations from the University of Virginia.
  • Pam_scott

    Pam Scott

    Founder, The Curious Company

    “IDEO.org stands at the powerful intersection of design thinking and social entrepreneurialism. I am so excited to be involved with an organization pursuing design solutions to some of the world's most devastating problems.”

    A design thinker by profession, farmer by vocation, and philanthropist by passion, Pam brings curiosity and creative verve to everything she does. Her projects are manifold: She has led team retreats for IDEO.org; used improv to help Mini Cooper crystallize its offer; facilitated Design Labs at The Clinton Global Initiative; and hosted Thought Leader salons with the likes of Alice Waters and Elon Musk at her home. The common thread? A passion for architecting and leading meaningful conversations that inspire ideas, insights, action, and impact.